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Resort 20 Barbie Brignoni x The Eccentric Label

Self Scarf - Barbie Brignoni

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Brown Self

This piece represents my journey to self-love.

It has taken me a long time to master the art of self-love. After years of searching for external validation, I realized that my own happiness was enough to set my body free from frustration, judgment, and self-doubt

For this piece, I decided to paint a seated woman. Some may argue that her figure looks unflattering because of the way she is seated. I on the other hand, believe that her rolls are a huge part of what makes her beautiful - they give her dimension, texture, and depth.

This painting is a reminder that all bodies are beautiful bodies.


  • Measurements: 28”x28” 
  • Fabric: Silk Cotton (30% Silk 70% Cotton)
  • Details: 1/8” hem
  • Color: Brown Self
  • Silk Scrunchie included

Care instructions: 

  • Wash only and Air Dry 
  • Do not iron the scarf 
  • Steam only

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