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Hope Scarf - Barbie Brignoni

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Blue Hope

This piece represents my spiritual journey.

As we grow, we begin to understand how delicate and fragile life is. I like to think that faith and gratitude have been the power source that has allowed me to endure the most challenging tests in life. 

This blue impressionist butterfly represents the beauty, fragility, and chaos of life. The butterfly can be seen as a vulnerable creature but I choose to believe that she's is a fighter, full of hope and grace.

I dedicate this piece to a special friend, who, in her most fragile state, still shows up every day to battle depression. I know you will be back on your wings soon.


  • Measurements: 28”x28” 
  • Fabric: Silk Cotton (30% Silk 70% Cotton)
  • Details: 1/8” hem
  • Color: Blue Hope
  • Silk Scrunchie included

Care instructions: 

  • Wash only and Air Dry 
  • Do not iron the scarf 
  • Steam only

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